Other Supporters

In addition to the tireless support of its partner KETAAKETI, SPOWC is receiving help from various sources in its day-to-day work. Since 2010 the Studious Foundation continuously supports SPOWC in its effort to provide one hot meal per day to the students of the free schools in Tilganga and Goldhunga. Additionally, the foundation contributed to the redevelopment of the school building in Tilganga and rendered help after the earthquake in 2015 in the form of emergency relief as well as with renovation and reconstruction measures. At this point, warm thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hopfer for their great support!

Since the very beginnings of KETAAKETI SPOWC we receive support from Betty Jo Lindauer in the form of teacher training that she provides to the teachers of our free schools in Tilganga and Goldhunga almost every year.

Great thanks to all supporters and well-wishers of KETAAKETI and SPOWC as well as the Nepali volunteers for their endless effort and the time dedicated in order to fulfill KETAAKETI’s and SPOWC’s mission to help the underprivileged and deprived children, women and families of Nepal.