We help to fund the amazing

Because we are independent of the Trust, we are able to support innovative projects that wouldn’t normally be funded


  • Free primary (upto class 5)
  • Education to under privileged children through its Ketaaketi KETAAKETI SPOWC free schools at Tilganga and Goldhunga in Kathmandu.
  • Besides its own schools, KETAAKETI SPOWC has also been supporting children of different parts of the country through other schools in various ways such as social classes, teacher support, meal programmes etc.
  • Microfinance is another main activity of the KETAAKETI SPOWC. It has been supporting disadvantaged women in different places through its microfinance programme.
  • Income generation trainings like tailoring and doll making are also conducted.
  • KETAAKETI SPOWC organises free health camps for children and women regularly to help them with vaccines, medicines and health check up.
  • KETAAKETI SPOWC has also been providing other relief supports to community in different incidents like earthquakes, floods, land slides and natural calamities