Since 2007 we are working closely with our partner KETAAKETI. The non-profit organization is based in Bremen/ Germany and was founded by Anneli-Sofia Raecker in 2006 after returning from a journey to Nepal. From its very beginnings in 2007 until today she is the organization’s president.

The organization’s main objective is to support primary education of underprivileged children and to stabilize it by providing micro-finance to the children’s parents in order to allow them supporting themselves and their families in a self-determined manner. Currently KETAAKETI is engaged in 32 projects within Nepal such as free schools in Kathmandu and more rural areas, micro-finance as well as free health camps. It also cooperates with governmental schools and provides financial aid for talented children in private schools, who come from financially instable families and would otherwise not be able to afford an appropriate education and training. Furthermore, the organization offers so-called 'social classes' (Anneli-Sofia Raecker), that serve as a preparation for entering primary school for those children that live in very remote areas of the country and are in need of an adjustment phase to get used to the customs of school life.

In the last ten years KETAAKETI's president Anneli-Sofia Raecker has dedicated herself to the cause of empowering poor and needy children, women and their families in Nepal to live a better life. In addition to raising awareness of the living conditions of the very poor in Nepal in order to collect donations, she is continuously working on expanding KETAAKETI's network of members, partners and supporters in Germany and Nepal. With the help of local KETAAKETI groups in Germany in the third quarter of 2016 alone, the organization conducted various presentations, cooperated with schools to raise funds and organized a benefit event.

Working up to 70 hours a week, Anneli-Sofia has developed unique strategies and concepts over the last 10 years to face the never-ending challenges. Because of her, KETAAKETI stands for the innovative idea of partnership and cooperation in development work. It was her who developed the concept of 'social classes', micro-finance that follows a pyramid selling and who worked out the concept of 1€-for one month social class. Her annual trips to Nepal, usually accompanied by other members and supporters of KETAAKETI, allow her to enter into a direct exchange with SPOWC initiator Rajesh Regmi and project leader Kusum Khakurel and elaborate future projects.

She is supported by a constantly expanding network of highly committed supporters of KETAAKETI and its innovative philosophy of a sustainable cooperation with SPOWC in Nepal that is based on a partnership on equal terms. These include, among others, dear colleagues, members of KETAAKETI, KETAAKETI’s board members, various international organizations as well as competent contact partners for politics, television, radio, magazines and newsletters. Besides, Anneli-Sofia receives important support from the regional groups, whose number she is trying to increase in her steady effort. Each group’s work is focused on a different key area such as, e.g. drinking water. By independently organizing fundraisers, presentations and other events they are raising awareness about the living conditions of the poorest children, women and their families in Nepal, appeal for funds and gain new supporters.

KETAAKETI's philosophy to not simply distribute money, but to enter a partnership on equal terms with organizations and people in Nepal is key. It allows all participating parties to maintain their dignity and pride and not lapse into a hierarchical relationship between giver and beggar. By using the initial support provided by KETAAKETI (education & micro-finance) as a springboard for actively building a sustainable and better future, children, women and their families can help themselves in a self-determined way that strengthens their self respect and upholds their pride.

In contrast to many other non-profit organizations KETAAKETI strives to work in an equal partnership with its partner SPOWC in Nepal instead of pursuing the classical beggar-giver relationship between the 'poor' and the 'rich' country – sharity not charity. Rather than simply donating money KETAAKETI is working closely with SPOWC in Nepal in order to develop new concepts and initiate projects that help the very poor in Nepal - children, women and their families – to help themselves. Thus, by providing initial-aid in the form of primary education and social classes and stabilizing it by offering micro-finance to the children’s parents, KETAAKETI aims at supporting and motivating the people participating in one of the various projects to actively contribute in order to increase their standard of living and improve their prospects for the future in a sustainable manner.


  1. The sustainable combating of poverty in Nepal by supporting local initiatives that are engaged in primary education for the poorest children in Nepal. The concept is based on the innovative model of development cooperation and partnership whose pillars are mutual respect and autonomy on the part of the Nepali partners.
  2. The prevention of vilience and exploitation by creating scholis as a save haven and through micro-finance projects for the pupils' parents.
  3. Education as a way to create own chances for the future as well as to cultivate one's personality and consciousness through senses of achievement.

For that KETAAKETI's president Anneli-Sofia Raecker, Rajesh and Kusum are maintaining an ongoing contact in order to exchange ideas, further develop existing projects and evaluate the already undertaken initiatives.

In contrast to other, mostly larger organizations, 100% of the contributions made by KETAAKETI members and other donors are forwarded to Nepal without exception. Administrative expenses are funded by special donors.

Regularly the organization sends volunteers from Germany to Nepal, who get the chance to work in different projects in Kathmandu and more rural areas all over Nepal. Usually they stay for 4 to 12 weeks and are accommodated by Kusum. The volunteers spend the majority of their time in the KETAAEKTI free school in Tilganga and Goldhunga and are able to contribute to the schedule and enrich the student’s everyday school life in accordance to their talents and skills. In the past volunteers taught various regular classes such as English or Math as well as Arts, Culture, Sports and Dance. After the earthquake in April 2015 a group of volunteers came to Nepal in order to assist the people of Okharpauya and Kavre in cleaning up and preparing the sites for reconstruction measures.

In addition to the projects mentioned above, KETAAKETI made a great effort to render immediate assistance to those affected by the severe earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015. The organization provided direct on-site support through the distribution of blankets, clothes and stationary, contributed towards the reconstruction and committed itself to stabilizing and securing the existing network of schools and micro-finance-projects.

Warm thanks to KETAAKETI and especially its president Anneli-Sofia Raecker for her great commitment throughout our whole partnership! Her kindness, dedication and progressive thinking enabled us, KETAAKETI and SPOWC, to implement projects together that have a direct and sustainable impact on the lives of the very poor in Nepal!